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Student Gardens: Masters of Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program

Among the many opportunities that the Masters of Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program at CofC provides students, the various student gardens the program supports stand alone as one of the most unique and incomparable enterprises. The first student garden was established in 2012 at the Stono River Preserve, which subsequently prompted the creation of three more gardens in various locations around the downtown campus in 2016. All the gardens are operated by a team of undergraduate and graduate assistants and are completely organic, without exposing any of the produce to any toxic pesticides and herbicides.

The mission of the student gardens is to provide and support experiential education, research, and food production using sustainable Lowcountry gardening practices for the College of Charleston students, local schools, and Charleston regional community members. Your contributions will go towards employing student workers, purchasing seeds and garden bed materials, and to buy resources for outreach and educational events. Click here to learn more about our recent community collaborations and garden initiatives.

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