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You are one of more than 80,000 alumni in over 70 countries across the world who can call the College of Charleston their Alma Mater. You’re the lifeblood of our global university community and hold the power to make a real difference with your giving—at any level.

During your time at CofC, you benefited from the generosity of others, and now is a perfect time to pay it forward. The College depends on your support.

You may not be aware that:
  • Thousands of students benefit from annual gifts. In fact, more than 68% of all students receive some type of financial aid or scholarship support. The College of Charleston is committed to recruiting the most academically qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. More than 240 students received scholarship support last year through the College of Charleston Fund which allowed them to focus more on academics and rely less on part-time work and loans.
  • Tuition only covers roughly half of the actual cost of educating a College of Charleston student.  The support that the College of Charleston Fund provides each year is one of the primary philanthropic sources bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the College’s total operating budget
  • Annual giving results in a substantial immediate impact on campus.  Consider, the annual economic impact from the College of Charleston Fund is equivalent to an additional $26 million in the College’s endowment.
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    Follow the Journey of a CofC Fund/ Parents' Fund Scholar

    When you donate to the College of Charleston Fund or Parents’ Fund, you can follow the journey of a scholarship recipient, and gain a deeper understanding of the transformative impact of your gift. Donors with a commitment of $10,000 or more are eligible to participate in this new program.

    Through the College of Charleston Fund or Parents’ Fund Scholar Program, eligible donors will be paired with a current student who receives support from the College of Charleston Fund or Parents’ Fund. The program enables donors to see their scholarship in action, and discover how their scholarship is shaping both the college experience and the future of the student recipient. How It works

    • Make a commitment of $10,000 or more to the CofC Fund /Parents’ Fund
    • We’ll pair you with an outstanding CofC Fund/Parents’ Fund Scholar
    • You’ll receive an Impact Report, as well as a message from your student
    • We’ll help to facilitate a meeting with your student (or via video, if preferred)

    For more information, please contact Laurie Soenen at 843.953.3418 or

    Interested in Creating or Supporting an Alumni Scholarship?

    Support an existing Alumni scholarship
    The Alumni Association has proudly offered scholarships since 1961. Some of our scholarships are open only to children and relatives of alumni, but others are open to all students. Support alumni scholarships by donating online today »

    Create a new scholarship
    Many of our alumni choose to give back by creating scholarships because they themselves were a recipient of a scholarship. There are two ways to create a scholarship »

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