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Give every year, be a part of the #CougarEffect!

The College of Charleston is a place where class sizes remain small, our faculty teach, and students are provided with opportunities to learn, research, and put theory into practice both in and out of the classroom.

The Annual Giving Impact Funds support the core of the College of Charleston and are a vital funding source that create unique opportunities for students and faculty and enhance programs across campus. Every year, thousands of alumni, parents, friends and students help shape the College of Charleston experience with their gifts to the Annual Giving Impact Funds. 

The Annual Giving Impact Funds at the College of Charleston include:

  • The College of Charleston Fund
    The College of Charleston Fund is the primary channel for donors to support the core values of the College and its greatest assets.  It represents the area of greatest need on this campus. With a gift to the College of Charleston Fund, you declare your support for what makes this institution great.  You support OPPORTUNITY, LEADERSHIP, and INNOVATION on today’s campus. Donate to this fund »
  • The Parents' Fund
    As a College of Charleston student, your son or daughter will receive a transformative education that will open many doors and create a lifetime of opportunity. As a College of Charleston parent, you have the opportunity to be actively involved in your student’s success. A gift to the Parents' Fund makes a direct impact on every aspect of your child’s education. Learn more about Parents' Fund » | Donate to this fund »
  • School of the Arts
    A gift to the School of the Arts Dean’s Excellence Fund has the power to make an immediate and significant impact on every SOTA student every day, ensuring the school's continued role in shaping the future of the arts on campus and in the community. Your gift will be used where the need is greatest. Donate to this fund »
  • School of Business
    A gift to the School of Business Dean’s Excellence Fund helps bolster the quality of our courses and student professional development opportunities, support our outstanding faculty in their enrichment and research endeavors, and engage our alumni and friends in the life of the School.  A Dean’s Excellence Fund gift is a particularly meaningful way to advance the School of Business because it helps to fulfill urgent funding needs in a timely and effective manner. Donate to this fund »
  • School of Education, Health, and Human Performance
    The School of Education, Health, and Human Performance is “making the teaching-learning connection.” Our faculty, students, and alumni participate in critical and valued connections, collaborations, and partnerships within the college, community, nation and world. A gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund ensures our students have the financial aid they need, our faculty has the support required, and we have the facilities to support the transformational learning and research both deserve. Donate to this fund »
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences Deans Excellence Fund supports out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities for students. All students who are given money from this fund apply it toward study abroad, conference travel, or high cost of living internship opportunities throughout the year. Donate to this fund »
  • School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs
    As the saying goes, “Whoever speaks only his mother tongue is stuck in his mother’s world.” The 21st century brings major transformations to our society. A gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund ensures that students in the College of Charleston’s School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs are equipped to succeed in a globally interdependent world. Donate to this fund »
  • School of Professional Studies
    The School of Professional Studies administers undergraduate, continuing education, and professional certification programs; providing the resources necessary to attain professional success and inspire personal growth. Our expansive course offerings reflect the diverse interests of adult learners, with an emphasis on practical experiences and immediate outcomes. Donate to this fund »
  • School of Sciences & Mathematics
    Here at the School of Sciences and Mathematics we recognize that the value of an institution is measured by the talented students and faculty that we are able to attract, retain, and serve.  A gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund ensures that our students have the aid they need, that our faculty has the support that’s required, and that we have the facilities to support the transformational learning and research that both deserve. Donate to this fund »
  • Graduate School
    The Graduate School is focused on innovative applied research that is relevant to global issues. By focusing on building a talent pipeline for coastal, historic, digital, aerospace and health communities worldwide, our graduate students are acquiring globally competitive skills. A gift to the Graduate School Dean’s Excellence Fund equips our graduate students to succeed in a globally interdependent world. Donate to this fund »
  • Honors College
    Here at the Honors College at the College of Charleston, our students have diverse interests and goals, but share the desire to be challenged academically. A gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund creates a living-learning community which provides students with the academic challenge and personal attention necessary to flourish and evolve into leaders in their communities and the world. Donate to this fund »
  • College of Charleston Libraries
    The Friends of the Library strive to raise the margin of excellence of the comprehensive collection of scholarly materials and library services congruent with the institution’s present and anticipated instructional and research requirements. The quality of materials held in the College of Charleston libraries significantly impacts the educational and instructional experience of every student and faculty member. Donate to this fund »
  • Student Affairs
    Student Affairs is life outside of the classroom. A gift to the Student Affairs Excellence Fund enhances current student life programs, supports new initiatives devoted to student success and leadership, creates further opportunities for community and civic engagement, and continues to build upon a culture of fraternity, openness and social fulfillment. Donate to this fund »
  • Cougar Club (Athletics)
    A gift to the Cougar Club can provide the opportunity for young men and women to achieve their academic and athletic goals.  More than 800 alumni, friends and fans of Cougar Athletics contribute annually to the Cougar Club. These gifts are vital to the continued success of our athletic programs as our student-athletes represent the College in competition both regionally and nationally. Learn more about the Cougar Club »