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Planned Giving

Getting Started

You’re curious. You’re interested in the possibility of making a gift to the College BUT:

  1. You want to provide sufficiently for your family
  2. You want to have adequate income and assets to enjoy retirement
  3. You’re concerned about potential healthcare expenses
  4. Most of your assets are not in cash
  5. You’re concerned about having adequate income
  6. My gift would not really make a difference and besides, only wealthy people are philanthropists.

The Office of Gift Planning is all about information, the information you need to make a satisfying plan about your future. The decisions that you make are only as good as the information that you’ve got.

No obligation, no sales pitch, no expense, no pressure – just information.

Look through this web site – see what questions you have. Or, just call or write David Masich, JD, in the Office of Gift Planning at (843) 953-1835 or .

It’s not about choosing the best between your family OR the College -  it’s about choosing the best for your family AND for the College.

Investing in the future

Barrett Hawkins,
Thomas Scholar

“Dr. Thomas not only has invested in me and my future, he’s also a really good resource, giving me advice about the medical schools and MCATs,” says Hawkins. More about the Thomas Memorial Alumni Scholarship »


Want to get in touch?

Peggy Cieslikowski

Director of Gift Planning

Phone:  843-953-6475

66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29455