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Scholarships play a vital role in attracting and retaining some of the country’s most talented and motivated students. There is no better way to help shape the future of a promising student than through supporting a scholarship fund. By alleviating some of the financial pressures students face, they are more likely to participate in research opportunities, internships and other programs that further enrich their educational experience.

Support an existing scholarship

The CofC Fund is the primary vehicle to support scholarships. Please consider donating today.

If you'd like to support a specific scholarship, please do so by viewing the full list of scholarships and typing in the scholarship fund you'd like to donate to in the other field of the main giving form. 

Meet your scholar

If you are an existing donor and would like to come to campus to meet your scholar(s), please contact Emily Padgett at

Start a new Scholarship Fund

Generally, there are two types of scholarship funds at the College of Charleston:

  • Restricted – A restricted scholarship is funded through annual gifts for a specified timeframe, usually four years.  The minimum investment for a restricted scholarship is $10,000.  A scholarship established as a restricted fund is eligible for awarding in the subsequent semester.
  • Endowed – An endowed scholarship is a longer investment in the College’s scholarship program. With careful stewardship, endowed funds grow in value over time, with part of the earnings being designated to support the specified purpose of the endowed fund. The minimum investment for an endowed scholarship is $50,000. A scholarship established as an endowed fund is eligible for awarding after three years of growth in the endowment pool.

Please contact Cathy Mahon for more information.

More information about available scholarships for students can be found on the College's Financial Aid website.

CofC Fund Scholar

Isabel Williams '15

"I would not be able to attend CofC out of state without my scholarship and I feel that CofC is absolutely where I belong! I am thankful every day for being a CofC student."

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