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Matthew Scott Ciganovic Endowed Memorial Scholarship

When 13-year-old Matthew Scott Ciganovic didn’t make it through a relatively routine surgery to help him with complications from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, his parents, of course, were shattered. So were his teachers, his classmates, his friends.

It was so sudden, so unexpected. Yet, through the fog of their grief, they were able to honor him. And, to that end, Denny, director of the College’s Career Center, and his wife, Kay, decided to further commemorate their son with the Matthew Scott Ciganovic Endowed Memorial Scholarship. Awarded annually to a senior or M.A.T. teacher education candidate committed to helping special needs children, the scholarship is meant to ease students’ financial burden during their clinical practice semester – and, hope the Ciganovics, have a positive impact both on the recipients and on the children they go on to work with.

“Through this scholarship, I am constantly reminded how fortunate I am and the importance of giving back: Whether it’s through community or financially, every little bit counts,” says Shelby Semmes, a senior majoring in special education. “Being an educator in the field of special education is not only a rewarding career, but a passion of mine – but no one works in the field for the money.” Which is exactly why the Ciganovics want to give to the people who are committed enough to enter the field.

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