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Procedures for Faculty, Administrators and Staff

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of a university-wide program to identify, cultivate, solicit and steward philanthropic support for the College’s institutional priorities from corporations and foundations.

The CFR Office works collaboratively with the College’s executive leadership, deans, development officers, alumni relations, the Office of Research Grants Administration, faculty and staff to ensure coordinated, strategic management of corporate and foundation prospects and donors.

Below are the College of Charleston’s policies and procedures to outline the steps, roles, expectations to ensure successful process and sustained growth, pursuit and receipt of corporation and foundation philanthropy.

The first step to a successful proposal requires careful planning.


The Project Director (PD) contacts the CFR Office in person, by telephone, or email, or by filling out a Notice of Interest to Apply worksheet. The PD should then send a copy of the completed worksheet to the CFR Office with a copy to his/her supervisor. Upon receiving a Notice of Interest to Apply, the CFR Office will contact the PD regarding clearance within 72 hours.

During the 72 hours, the CFR Office will:

  • Review proposals for compliance with University policies and funding corporation or foundation requirements.
  • Identify potential areas of unnecessary liabilities or risk
  • Research potential campus-wide conflicts or partnership opportunities
  • Notify PD of next steps


Once clearance is confirmed, the CFR Office will:

  • Document Notice of Interest to Apply on Raiser’s Edge database
  • Work with the PD to prepare a competitive funding request that includes Major Elements of a Proposal/Grant
  • Verify all authorized institutional signatures and related documents are secured
  • Help submit the signed proposal to the corporation or private foundation (if necessary)


All proposals to foundations and corporations requesting funds and/or committing University resources (e.g., personnel, space, funds, equipment, etc.) are to be reviewed and signed by the executive leadership of a department, the Dean of the School and the Office of Institutional Advancement.

In order to obtain these signatures, an Authorization to Submit form must be completed. This form is printed on colored paper for easy routing. This form should be used for:

  • New proposals
  • Renewal proposals (committed or competing)
  • Requests for additional funds
  • Requests for a budget revision that requires the College of Charleston Foundation approval
  • Requests for approval of a time extension
  • Requests for approval of a change in project director or other key personnel
  • Requests for approval of a significant change in program objectives or methods
  • Any correspondence or document which requires an authorized institutional signature
  • Requests to withdraw a pending proposal



Written notification of an award or declination is normally sent to the CFR Office by the Corporations or Foundations; however, if the notice is sent directly to the PD, the PD should notify the CFR Office. The CFR Office is responsible for reviewing the award documents, negotiating the terms of the award (if necessary), and obtaining any signatures needed to formally accept the award. Once the grant agreement is received, the CFR Office will coordinate with the PD and the College of Charleston Foundation Accounting Office to set up a fund account using the Restricted Account Authorization Form.



The CFR Office will coordinate with the PD to ensure that a copy of the award document and any supporting materials outlining any grant requirements (e.g., interim and final report due dates) are sent to the Department Chair, and Dean. It is expected that PD and Department Chair respect the implicit expectation: how funding is used, as defined by the grantor.

Any site visits need to be coordinated with the CFR Office. The PD notifies the CFR Office of any formal actions that are required. The CFR Office can and may remind PD of report due dates.

  • IA Stewardship Office will collaborate with PD and CFR Office to ensure proper acknowledgement, any formal actions required, personal correspondence are completed in a timely manner.
  • IA Marketing Office will collaborate with PD and CFR Office to disseminate of press releases, after they are reviewed by dept. chair and dean.


At least 30 days prior to the expiration of a grant, the PD needs to contact the CFR Office to request additional time for the funding to be used.

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