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Gift Management and Administrative Fees

A shared goal of the College of Charleston and the College of Charleston Foundation is to achieve higher levels of educational excellence and national prominence through increased philanthropic support and alumni and volunteer engagement. The specialized knowledge and skills required to manage, steward and grow engagement and giving call for resources beyond what is available in the current operational budget. Therefore, effective July 1, 2018, the College of Charleston Foundation implemented the following fee structure on endowed and restricted funds:

Gift Reinvestment

A 5% gift reinvestment fee is assessed on each new gift to a restricted or an endowed fund. The Foundation reinvests this fee into programming and outreach efforts that inform, engage and inspire donors to continue supporting the College.

Financial Management

An annual fee of 1.25% is assessed on all endowed Foundation fund balances. The fee supports the Foundation’s professional stewardship and management of all funds.

The Foundation uses both these fees to grow resources necessary to:

  • Oversee $100 million+ in assets, including 400+ endowed funds, in partnership with the College of Charleston Foundation’s outsourced investment management firm. For information on our investments:;
  • Support the cultivation and stewardship of donors that generate more philanthropic support to the College and advance the programs that result in greater alumni and constituent engagement with the College;
  • Provide expert-level service to the campus community through management of more than 1,200 distinct funds that support students, faculty and programs;
  • Process 7,000+ gifts received each year;
  • Communicate the impact of giving through donor videos, publications like the Donor Digest and Momentum magazine, and events like the Annual Donor Societies reception. Donor publications;
  • Report on investment returns, overall financial position and fund performance through individual endowment reports and Foundation Annual Report

For more information on gift management and administration and the advancement of the College of Charleston, click here.